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Gabriel Tuggle was born in Covington, GA on May 4th, 1972. Primarily raised by his mom and his grandparents, Gabriel learned from a young age core values like character, love, family closeness, and family as a priority. Gabriel spent his entire childhood life preparing and perfecting for a productive and successful future. As Gabriel grew up he found he had many passions, among them was professional sports. Gabriel had a natural ability and athletic inclination that gave him the potential to go pro in the NFL or the MLB. He trained for years to reach the level where he was primed to join either league. He was prepared to play in both. He knew from a young age he truly had what it takes. Gabriel was young, strong, quick, and blessed with the kind of athletic prowess and abilities that make coaches and fellow teammates perk up and take notice. Gabriel spent his entire childhood perfecting his skills and his game while other kids were out enjoying recreational time.

With his continued training, the brass ring became within reach. Gabriel was on the cusp of achieving his dream and fulfilling his mission in life. He felt his dream of making his mark in the record books as one of the greatest football or baseball players in history within his reach. At last, he would be able to provide his mother with the kind of life she deserves. However, in an ill-fated twist, a single joking remark made to the wrong person at the wrong time shattered Gabriel’s dreams. Everything he worked toward died in an instant, and Gabriel lost many of the things in life he valued most—but miraculously, he lived. In his book, Stronger Than a Speeding Bullet, Gabriel tells the story of a young man who discovers his true inner strength and overcomes losses greater than he could ever imagine, becoming stronger than a speeding bullet. In his autobiography, reader’s join him on his remarkable journey from victim to victor, and the incredible new vision and mission he has been given by God for his future.

When old dreams die, new ones are born. Gabriel has dedicated his life to telling his story as a writer, public speaker, and influencer in various settings including speaking with professional sports teams, schools, on various panels, and in settings that include all races, genders, and age groups. He aims to inspire others to overcome adversity and the greatest challenges in their lives by speaking on the topics that are most important to him, including fear, loss, and overcoming life’s greatest obstacles and tragedies. Gabriel is living out what he believes is his true life calling, to be a messenger for those who need strength, inspiration, and hope. Gabriel currently lives in Atlanta, GA, spending time with loved ones, impactfully speaking locally and internationally to educate, inspire, and lift up the communities around him.

The fact that I am alive, healthy, and strong enough to tell you this story is a testament to the power of God.

Gabriel Tuggle
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